Have Fun!

hehehe, I laugh when I look at this picture because it's so typical of my two employees Sheryl and Melissa. Prompted by me to do something funny for the camera, they looked at each other and said "Let's skip" and off they went laughing and skipping. 
Ok, so the point of the blog and what the heck does it have to do with owner or managing a flower shop? Well, we all know in this business that we work hard and most likely for fairly low pay. Why would anyone want to work at a flower shop? Well, maybe as small business owners we have flexibility to create fun work environments. We work daily with beautiful flowers, making people happy. Yes, we run businesses and we have to run them as such but who says that we can't have fun doing it, right? The whole point of this blog is to have fun. Let your employees have fun. Encourage them to be friends and to laugh together. Play music, dance, take funny pictures, dress up for Halloween or treat them for fast food after an event.  I know my staff gets all silly when I take out the camera and are even more excited when I take a picture of them with their designs. Pay back your employees with a fun work environment and I guarantee you'll have more fun too. Life is too short not to have fun!! 


  1. I would like to know what you keep on the chalk board in the back??


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