7 Years ~ How Can That Be?

I started this blog in 2009 to share my somewhat limited business knowledge with the floral public and how can it possibly be that it's been over 7 years since my last post? Oh gosh ~ just looking at that skinny me from 2012 makes me feel... well, I'm not sure what I feel but it isn't the best feeling! Oh well, you just attend a Farm to Vase event, stick some greens made by J Schwanke on your head and take a new picture, right?
This morning while driving into work listening to Marketing Matters on Business Radio (Sirius XM Business Radio Channel 132) I felt inspired to write another floral related business blog. You know how that is, you are in the shower and have a great idea for your business and you promise yourself that as soon as you get to work that you will put that plan in action.... Yeah, right. You walk in, the phone rings, a customer needs flowers, an employee asks you a question, you notice that your wedding flowers that came in yesterday for this weekend look bad and next thing you know it's 6 pm and you don't even remember what wonderful idea you were going to implement today. Anyone else have that happen to them?

As I sit here, that's what I'm thinking.... What was I going to write about? What nugget of wisdom did I have that I felt compelled to resurrect my business blog after 7 long years? Yup, even as I sit at my desk and type this... I got nothing. I have no idea what my topic was going to be.

Welcome to the life of small business owner/florist. It was a wild ride when I started this blog in 2009 and it's still a wild ride. I was going back and reading past blogs and I made a decision not to delete any because even though they are dated, they still represent what was going on at that time. They might be irrelevant now but they are honestly what I was dealing when I wrote them. Ok, time to come clean. I did remove one that talked about MySpace because I just had to, it was too embarrassing.

So that might be my topic for today ~ my business blog is back!! I hope I can share a few little tips and tricks that have helped me run a successful business over the years. Next time, I'll actually have a topic ~ I promise!! Oh and if you are do as much computer work running your business as I do, I have to recommend a double monitor. Wowsie, it's amazing how productive I have become!

If you happen to have Sirius XM, there are some really great shows you can listen to on Wharton Business Radio. My favorites are Marketing Matters, Your Business and Leadership in Action. But remember, if you get a great idea don't do what I did... write it down so that when your day turns into a whirl wind, you can remind yourself what you wanted to remember.


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