Interview with a Florist; Part 8 with Shelley Pease

 Shelley Pease; Shelley's Flowers and Gifts, 1738 Atlantic Highway, Waldoboro, ME

Shelley and I first met a floral conference. I think it was the North East Floral Expo but we actually have met up at several events, including the Society of American Florists and Real Local Florist Conventions. Shelley is someone I have always admired and honestly is probably one of the nicest people I have met in the industry. She has the most amazing location, right on a major highway and she had it built specifically for her business! I was so impressed with it when I went to visit in 2016 while on vacation in Maine.  I think her answers to my questions are rather modest. She built an amazing business from scratch when she was very young and has extremely loyal employees and customers. Shelley's shop was named Best Florist in Maine by the readers of Downeast Magazine! Whoo Hoo!! 

I hope you enjoy Shelley's story!!

How did you happen to get into the flower business? 

I was about to graduate college (Associates Degree) and wondering what to do with my life. I was chatting it over with a friend and she mentioned her friend was a florist - it struck a spark in me and I knew I wanted to be a florist. Thanks Sue!!

What part of your business is the most valuable financially? 

By far, the most valuable asset to me and my company is my building. I had it built specifically as a flower shop from the ground up. 

 Although I could have easily accommodated other businesses because of the fantastic location. It has 2 rental apartments upstairs and a huge porch (as you can see)! 

What part of your business is the least valuable financially ?

Our delivery van, for sure. Delivering flowers all over puts on a ton of miles and as we all know, vehicles depreciate. However, delivery is an important part of our business! 

If you could go back to the beginning, what words of advice would you give yourself? What do you wish you knew then, that you know now? 

I'd tell myself to just relax, to keep your head down and do you own thing. Be who you are and you will attract the right customers. You will be successful. We are really in the customer service business and flowers are just one part of it.

If you could change any aspect of your business, what would you change?

I love doing weddings but I don't really like working every Saturday. I wish I could move weddings to Monday through Friday and have my weekends off!! 

Thinking about your business, what are you most proud of?

I'm most proud of the Team I've built, my co-workers and the connection we have with each other and community. The DreamTeam makes Shelley's Flowers what it is!!